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Our Terms & Conditions / Agreement

    1. Registration Fees-Rs. 300/- , which is non refundable in any condition.
    2. Registration is valid for 6 months only.
    3. When vacancy is available in any industry/firm/company, BJPPL will inform to candidate according to his qualification and knowledge and send the candidate for interview. There is no responsibility of BJPPL to join candidates for any job.
    4. If the candidate has been selected then in joining time remaining first month half salary payment pay to BJPPL before joining.
    5. Balaji Job Placement will not provide any TA/DA for Interview or otherwise.
    6. BJPPL liable income tax act, Companies act, 2013 sec 143(2), Sector code – 21008 & direct and indirect taxes.
    7. If anyone does not follow the rules and regulation, he/she is liable to legal actions, with in Jalgaon Jurisdiction only.
    8. All the rules and regulation consider by Balaji Job Placement Pvt. Ltd.   
    9. I read carefully the above terms and condition/agreement and I agree with them.3

If you click "register" Button means you agree all terms & conditions.